Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best lines i have ever read and changed my course of life

"Can the principle of responsibility mean anything else than the responsibility of a definite person?"

"Does anybody honestly believe that human progress originates in the composite brain of the majority and not in the brain of the individual personality?"

"This new invention of democracy is very closely connected with a peculiar phenomenon which has recently spread to a pernicious extent, namely the cowardice of a large section of our so−called political leaders. Whenever important decisions have to be made they always find themselves fortunate in being able to hide behind the backs of what they call the majority."

"One truth which must always be borne in mind is that the majority can never replace the man. The majority represents not only ignorance but also cowardice. And just as a hundred blockheads do not equal one man of wisdom, so a hundred poltroons are incapable of any political line of action that requires moral strength and fortitude."

- Adolf Hitler

These lines have moved my perception about absolute majority, democracy, current political situation etc., I stand by his side when it comes to the above said topics. That doesn't means, I support Dictatorship, It means I object the philosophy of Democracy from the root.

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